5 signs of unstoppable self confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self Confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self-Confidence


5 signs of unstoppable self confidenceWe all recognize her, and admire her: the confident woman. We see her carry herself through life with poise and assurance, still feminine yet with a strength which is undeniable.

The confident woman has presence, which is often hard to define but you’ll know it when you see it. You’ll notice it in the way she carries herself, her tall body posture and positioning. You’ll feel it in her eye contact, her warmth, her open gestures, her calmness, her language, her demeanor. You’ll feel it in her sense of self, her strength indicative of a foundation which seems unshakeable. Her confidence is authentic. She does not depend on approval or recognition. This woman is magnetic. People listen when she speaks – like a moth to a flame we are drawn to her light.

So what is underneath her confidence? And what can we learn from her? Here are 5 of her best secrets to unstoppable confidence:

  1. Takes Personal Accountability

The self-assured woman sees herself as the cause of the events in her life, through her confident, deliberate contributions and choices. Even in unfortunate events which she does not control, she will find control in her reaction. Never a victim, she understands that in the equation of cause and effect, cause will always be the greater power. She aligns herself on this side of that equation. This contrasts with the woman who sees herself on the effect side of the equation and at the mercy of events, people and circumstances. The confident woman takes responsibility for the results in her life because she knows she is solely responsible for her choices, thoughts and actions.

  1. Connects to her Dreams/Desires/ Passions

The confident woman is deeply connected to her dreams and desires. She chooses her destination. She understands that her happiness and fulfillment is largely dependent upon plugging into her raison d’être. You’ll see it in her sparkle as she expresses her dreams and aspirations, because it lights her up. Her image reflects and radiates that energy and you’ll feel it when you are in her presence. This woman has her goals defined and aligned to support her dreams, and is actively making progress towards them. Because what she knows, and anyone who has experienced this knows – disconnection leads to hopelessness.

  1. Total Self-Acceptance

The confident woman recognizes her own true worth. She sees herself as unique and valuable, who does not need to impress others with achievements or possessions. She has high self-esteem and feels good about herself in relation to others. She accepts herself fully and loves who she is, even with the acknowledgement of her own imperfections. She is deserving. This woman does not justify who she is, because it is unnecessary. She is who she is and she accepts herself completely. Her good opinion of herself is not dependent upon an external panel of judges. Her acceptance comes from her divine sense of self within.

  1. Makes Decisions and Takes Action

The confident woman moves boldly in the direction of her dreams, maintaining her momentum despite any fear she may feel. She makes decisions, the best she can within her current level of awareness, knowing that those decisions will lead to her next step or opportunity. The confident woman knows that inaction is a confidence killer. She makes mistakes, but she admits them, learns from them, and recovers from them. She is disciplined in her daily approach to life. She feels self-doubt and worry sometimes but she does not succumb to it. She acts in spite of her emotions, because she has a singleness of purpose which compels her to act. This woman is unshakeable.

  1. Gives Freely and Loves Unconditionally

Taking a cue from her own self-acceptance, the confident woman extends that same unconditional love in her relations with others. She understands that love is the attracting, uniting, harmonizing force of the universe, which she both absorbs and emanates. Her love is expressed in her desire to help others be all they can be, while allowing them the complete freedom to be who they are. She appreciates people who express their individuality, and will not impose her own values and ideals on others. She gives freely of herself without attachments or expectations. Giving and accepting are her trademarks of love.

The good news is that this kind of self-confidence can be learned and expanded. Start with believing in yourself, your abilities, and your right to determine your own destiny. Set your goals, start moving confidently towards them and you will notice that as you experience progress your speed will accelerate. You’ll then have more to give, more momentum, and increased confidence. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel happier. And soon, the flame we will be drawn to, is YOU.

To your success, xx

Her Life Strategies Founder Deborah Stewart



Two things to get from this:

  1. Confidence is an inner game.
  2. Confidence can be built.



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