A Bike Ride – A Metaphor for Life

Riding bicycle. Abstract motion blur.A Bike Ride – A metaphor for Life

On Sunday I went for a bike ride with my husband, down the trail by our house.  This proved to be an epic ride as I found myself on an inner journey while I rode my bike.   A journey metaphorically represented by this experience.

I am a thinker, very self-reflective and always making sense of my experience and what’s going on around me.  I also love experiences that map out my thinking, my life, my knowing and my understanding.  This was such an experience.

So to start I was excited about this bike ride, just my husband and I and the open trail.  Our new Giant bikes calling to us and the familiar trail beckoning my presence.  As we hit the packed gravel trail I felt something within me lighten and light up.  I loved the feeling of the wind on my face as I speeded down the trail.  I felt connected to life in a fuller way and as my husband flew by me I felt a sense of fun and adventure stir within me.  I pedalled faster to catch up and then pass him.  We continued this little game, without a word between us, just enjoying the fun of the chase.

As we settled into the ride, I noticed the beautiful scenery around me and found myself in an almost meditative state as we rode along.  I felt high flying and free and of course I love those feelings.  My husband was leading the way and he ventured a bit off the main trail.  He was flying down hills full out and squealing like a 10 yr old.  I was more cautious, slowing down, watching the trail in front of me.  I found this difference between us interesting and found myself contemplating it.  Why did I seem to lack the sheer abandon for this?  I realized that this cautiousness was something I had been carrying throughout my life.  This feeling of needing to watch out and it was holding me back. Why was I allowing worry to get in the way?     It hit me – it was my own worry that I was entertaining, my worry of getting hurt, my worry of crashing or falling off my bike.  How interesting – this was poignant as it represented how I often feel in my life.  Holding myself back out of fear of getting hurt or falling down.

I thought about letting go and joining my husband in the joy of the ride and what that would take on my part. As I contemplated the idea, thoughts seemed to pop into my head – how could I  know what the path held, if there were bumps poised to take me down, so how could I let go?  Then I was filled with the knowing – this is about trust.  I believe fully that I create my experience and that the Universe is kind and loving.  I know in an aligned place I can trust and let go and know all will be well. So that is what I did – I opened to trust and felt my hesitation, my cautiousness lesson.  I felt the butterflies in my stomach as we sailed down hills and I felt my confidence building with each hill I sailed down.  I was feeling my way to that divine aligned trust both inside and out. One influencing the other in a swirl of surrender, trust, knowing and allowing. Following my husband’s lead I was flowing with the experience, milking it in fact.

We came to a fork in the path and I chose our new direction.  As we began down this new trail, I realized I had made a wrong choice.  Medium size rocks filled the path and traversing it on a bike proved challenging and bumpy, though not impossible.  I thought about how often in life we end up taking a wrong turn onto a path filled with bumps and sometimes we get stuck there.   Here on our bikes on this bumpy path we quickly saw the next path and navigated our way back to the smoother terrain.  I found it interesting that on my bike, I recognized that this bumpy ride wasn’t fun and sought out the shift to smooth ground and it came easily.  In life, we can sometimes get caught up in complaining about where we find ourselves and lose sight of the simple shift we can take to get back onto smoother ground.  I revelled in the ease of this shift and again saw the call to apply this within my own life.  To accept the wrong path chosen, the bumps that show up and from that space focus on the smoother ground ahead which will make the shift easily.

This experience reminds me of how interconnected our lives are.  How much our literal experiences parallel our life, our growth, and that the fun is truly in the journey.  If your journey isn’t feeling as fun as you would like it, perhaps it’s time for a shift to a new smoother path – through your perspective, changing your thoughts or simply letting go into trust.

trina rabideau



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