Let Go Of The Past

How To Let Go Of Your Past Cheryl Paige “The past is finished. Learn from it and let go.” It sounds so simple. Yet the truth is that letting go of your past is difficult and complicated. To let go of your past you must step outside of your comfort zone, which can cause pain and stress. The good news? …

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Is What you’re Drinking Sabotaging your Weight Loss?

For many people who are eating healthy, their beverages can be sabotaging their efforts to achieve the level of health …

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Can Appreciation Change Your Life

Appreciation quote from Abraham Hicks

Can Appreciation Change Your Life It’s in the appreciation of all the things around us that we find peace, joy …

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5 Signs of Unstoppable Self Confidence

5 signs of unstoppable self confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self-Confidence   We all recognize her, and admire her: the confident woman. We see her carry herself …

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Eat and Lose Weight

Eat and Lose Weight OMG its true you can eat anything you want and still lose weight. I started my …

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Is Facebook Changing The World?

Is Facebook Changing The World? I love seeing the world change so fast. I loving seeing how people are getting …

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Think You Understand The Importance of Appreciation?

The Importance of Appreciation We all love the grateful woman, especially if she is talented and successful. The grateful woman is deeply appreciated, …

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Are Your An Overthinker

Overthink Much? One of the most common things people say to me is “I tend to overthink things.”  So I …

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Togetherness When summer begins, Orlando comes to mind as one way to celebrate the warm season. The parks there are close …

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Its Not Your Fault

weight loss with DNA test

Your DNA carries the secret to your personal weight loss plan. Learn how your DNA and genetics are the map to getting to your ideal weight with Simplified Genetics. Stop struggling with that excess weight. Stop beating your self up when diets fail. It’s Not Your Fault!

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Holistic Nutrition

The Holistic Nutrition Difference Holistic Nutrition is a relatively new profession, but the idea behind it is really rooted in …

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