Appreciation quote from Abraham Hicks

Can Appreciation Change Your Life

Appreciation quote from Abraham Hicks

Can Appreciation Change Your Life

It’s in the appreciation of all the things around us that we find peace, joy and wonderment. One of my worst habits is wanting to make others happy and assuming their way of thinking, doing and perceiving is making them unhappy.

I tend to look at a situation and wonder how I can fix it or talk to the parties involved and teach or instruct them on how to approach it differently to find peace in it or not become so upset about it.

I’d like to assume i’m not alone in that but I can’t say for sure.

My goal is to focus more on my own perception and find something to appreciate in each and every current situation.  If I’m stuck in traffic, bored at work, listening to someone talk about their bad day, paying bills, etc…

I find it funny and even ironic that i’m well aware that trying to tell people how to do something different, feel better about a situation or change their belief is basically just lip service.  How many times growing up did your parents tell you not to do something but you did it any how?  Now compare that to the amount of times you unconsciously mimicked your parents behavior without thinking about it?  Ever heard someone say “I’m becoming my mother”?

We learn most from experience.  What we experience more of we tend to believe and repeat.

To say all this is to bring me back to my opening paragraph.  It’s fruitless to try to argue your point of view or your belief with someone in an attempt to change their mind.  Most have decades of experiences backing up their beliefs and you’re not going to change it with one argument.

If you focus more on appreciating every moment not only will you make yourself happier, you become an example.  You create experiences for others to witness.

If you find that someone repeats a process and gets great results are you going to try the same?  If someone tells you this is how you do it, are you going to just follow blindly or are you going to analyze it and question the process?

I believe that focusing on ourselves and becoming the example you’d like to see in others around you is more profound than preaching and condemning.

I’d love to hear your thoughts?  Would this make a great challenge?  Do you think you can spend 24 hours just looking for things to appreciate and allowing others to have their own perceptions and beliefs?

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