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Let Go Of The Past

How To Let Go Of Your Past Cheryl Paige “The past is finished. Learn from it and let go.” It …

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Can Appreciation Change Your Life

Appreciation quote from Abraham Hicks

Can Appreciation Change Your Life It’s in the appreciation of all the things around us that we find peace, joy …

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5 Signs of Unstoppable Self Confidence

5 signs of unstoppable self confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self-Confidence   We all recognize her, and admire her: the confident woman. We see her carry herself …

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Think You Understand The Importance of Appreciation?

The Importance of Appreciation We all love the grateful woman, especially if she is talented and successful. The grateful woman is deeply appreciated, …

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Are Your An Overthinker

Overthink Much? One of the most common things people say to me is “I tend to overthink things.”  So I …

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Togetherness When summer begins, Orlando comes to mind as one way to celebrate the warm season. The parks there are close …

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Fun tools for sensitive people to feel fantastic and connected to Source

Fun Tools For Sensitive People As a very empathic and sensitive person, I know the gifts and challenges that go …

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A Bike Ride – A Metaphor for Life

A Bike Ride – A metaphor for Life On Sunday I went for a bike ride with my husband, down …

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Life After Loss

  Life After Loss Today marks 4 years since my life was turned upside down, the day I found out I would …

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Countdown To Letting Go

Countdown to Letting Go Do you feel as though your thoughts are always swirling around like a tornado reminding you …

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