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At heart she’s a gatherer of information from reading, inquiring and always learning and I loves to share all of the knowledge that she has learned along this journey of life! In order to do so, she develops step-by-step processes for woman to follow so they can unleash their magnificence.

More about Cheryl

My Passion

I’m Cheryl and my passion is to inspire and guide people to become empowered to live the life they dream of. I’ve got a shed full of tools, knowledge and skills that I’ve learned along my own journey, and I’m willing and ready to use them to help empower YOU so that you too can realize that you’re the author of your story and that you have the power to be the change you want to see in your life.

Woah. Have you got tingles from that? Because I do. It’s what I live for. It’s what lights me up!

But I didn’t always know it.

My Journey

It was March 2013 when I finally admitted to myself that I was lost. Somewhere in the previous 10 years I had stopped listening to myself. I had started to believe that everyone else knew better than me about how I should live my life and I was content to give my power away to anyone and everyone. I was always concerned with what I thought people needed or wanted from me. Which put me into a constant state of people pleasing. I would silence my inner voice and spirit, whenever she wanted to speak up and I became very good at ignoring her; ignoring what I wanted. Of course at that point in time I was not aware of any of this. All I knew was that I was very unhappy, frustrated and restless- but I couldn’t figure out why.

Through this journey, my life has completely changed. I can truly say I am happy. I am living a life that fills my heart with joy and my entire being with excitement. I can hear myself again and now I am listening with open ears. I am following my spirit as she has awoken, she is on fire and does it ever feel good!

The biggest secret to this whole self-discovery lies in one word.


To be empowered to know that I am in charge of my life- the good, the bad and the ugly! That my life is a reflection of what is going on inside of me. If this is so, then this means that I am in control of it! If what I focus on expands- then how about I focus on what I love, what brings me joy, what excites me and REVS me up! Once I started to do this- WOW! There was no turning back. Every time I don’t silence myself, every time I feel that bit of fear creeping up that I might be judged, or not accepted, or make someone uncomfortable, every time I push myself to go beyond my old patterns and go for what my spirit is calling for – I get a RUSH! A rush I hadn’t truly felt in years. Looking back now, I had no idea how unhappy I really was. And now I realize that it wasn’t anything outside of me that was making me unhappy, it was what was going on inside of me- it was me not honouring myself and seeing myself as important.

What Does This Mean For You?

Through this journey, my whole life transformed before my eyes and I have realized that I want to share these insights with others- to help them go from a ‘meh’ life to an amazing life!

So, I guess the short version is, if you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy, restless, frustrated, lost.… maybe because of life in general, a relationship, being a partent, your career, your finances, or in your business- YOU have the power to change it!

Inside of you are all of the tools you need to create the life you dream of! I am here to simply guide you and point you in the right direction.

Work with Cheryl:

One-on-One Renovate Your Life Coaching & Healing Program

Create The Life You Dream Of Online Course 

Get your Free Kick Starter Guide: How To Make Yourself A Priority Without The Guilt 


Cheryl offers an one-one-on Renovate Your Life Program and an online course Create The Life You Dream Of. Both programs are designed to help you become empowered, feel less overwhelmed, have more confidence and feel in control of your life again.

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