Countdown To Letting Go

Countdown to Letting Go

Do you feel as though your thoughts are always swirling around like a tornado reminding you of all the things you need to do, fix, etc? Have you ever had trouble shutting down your mind? Wouldn’t it be great to feel calm and expansive and be FREE of those feelings in ten seconds or less?

If you’re like me your mind can take over sometimes. Thoughts of the future, what I need to do, what I’ve done and all sorts of other things swirl around in my mind resulting in feelings of – anxiety, urgency, and fear.

One tool that works to quiet my mind is what I call a Countdown to Letting Go.

This is where I talk to my inner self, the place of ego/attachments/mind. The part of my mind that is spinning with all these thoughts and I coach it.

Here’s how it’s done.

Coach your mind by asking it if it would be willing to try letting  go of any go of everything it is attached to, focusing on, repeating, for just 5 seconds and then if it want it can grab a hold again of all of it. You see the ego sometimes needs a safety net when being asked to surrender.  To the ego surrender equals death! So it is no surprise that baby steps can be very effective.

Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, been awhile since I’ve done this practice, or my mind just has a strong grip, it is still almost always game to try. Why? Because I reassure my mind that it can go back to its previous state after this five second experiment! I coach it by reminding it that this is just an experiment.

Once I get the okay, I start the countdown…threetwoone. When I hit one I consciously help my mind surrender by simultaneously relaxing my body.

You may notice the difference in your energy right away or it may take a little practice. You might  even need to start with three seconds as the trial run, or even one second, instead of five. That’s okay.

What I notice when I do this exercise is a feeling of freedom and expansiveness in my body and mind. In this new place of being I become very present; trusting, and joyful. My earlier fears about money and the future are replaced by knowing everything will work out. I know I’m loved and cared for by life/ the Universe/ God/Source.

I feel liberated, innocent, and connected.

Here’s the kicker. Once your mind feels these qualities and enjoys them, it’s more willing to let go again.

When you notice that “the grip” has tightened again ask that place if you can try again then add a few seconds the next time.  Do this 10 times in 30 minutes and with each time you will notice that it becomes a little bit easier and you are able to reside in beingness a little longer.

So give it a try. You can always come back to who you were after three seconds and you might just enjoy your new Self so much that you stay there ☺

Sheldon Pizzinat blogger for Get Your Life OnGod bless, I love you.


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