Eat and Lose Weight

Trouble loosing weight?Eat and Lose Weight

OMG its true you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.

I started my journey about 3 years ago and understand the true struggles of fighting food.

In this day and age you have to find time to structure your food intake to meet the demands of your life style.  How can you not be tempted, on a daily basis, to stop at a local fast food place an ingest what will come fast, cheap and easy.  And the time it takes to shop for a weeks worth of food that needs to be prepared.  I can’t tell you how many times I would spend a sunday in the market with a list of foods that will keep me healthy but needed to be prepped for the week so I don’t fall off the wagon. Only to find that after day 3 not only did I stop eating it but now the $165 dollars I spent getting fresh food went to waste.   So what is the key to fighting the fat eating what you want?

Im sure you know that you will lose weight fast if you don’t eat at all.

I’m sure you know what happens if you eat too much.  Its not about tricking your body or finding the new pill that will tell your body to burn fat as you eat everything under the sun.  Its also not about finding a pill to chemically tell your brain you are not hungry.  Crazy to think we would ingest pills that affect our brain without thinking twice. But millions of dollars are spent every day to try and trick the body into starvation and be ok with it.  So how can you eat anything and still lose weight?

Well to start you MUST know how much fuel (FOOD) you need each day to survive. You can find 100’s of websites today that will give you your day caloric demands.

This is a good one that will help to start you out.

If you look at myself with little to no activity at 6’6” I can ingest 2600 cal a day and stay at my weight. There’s also a simple math calculation to find out what your caloric intake is to stay at your current weight.  Times your weight by 12.

So 215 x 12 =2580

So if I want to stay at 215lb I need  2580 cal a day for a weekly total of 18,060.

If I want to lose 1 Lbs a week I need to reduce 3500 calories.

3500 calories = 1Lbs

On a 1 LBS a week weight lose plan I need to keep my calories around 14,600 or 2000 Calories a day.

I need you to understand this first because it goes to explain why you weigh what you weigh now.  This is a number that may come to a shock to some people as it did to me.

I was 295 LBS so I ingested 25,000 Calories a week.  That is equal to 11 large pizzas a week or 1 ½  pizza a day.

So now that you know what it takes to lose and how you got to the weight you are now how do I fight the hunger and eat everything I want.

First know what temps you or what foods you can’t eliminate.  Put that down on paper and most of all know how many calories you will take in when you eat it.

Second REMOVE anything and ALL things that will take you off you calorie count for at least 4 weeks.

Clean out all cabinets and fridge keep only the things you can eat.  Get to know your weak areas that will tempt you to stray from your goal.  If you live with someone that eats foods you can’t,  then ask them to eat it away from you and place items in brown bags so you don’t  look at them.  Fill your fridge with food that a LOW in calories to fight off temptations or just to add to your meal times to reduce calories.  We all know the saying plan you work and work your plan. So start planning something that is easy for you to follow.

Only you know your day and how to plan your eating.  If fast food is the only food you can get to because your life is crazy then plan it into your diet. Just get to know how much that will cost you in calories per day. Because a big mac and fries is 1100 calories. and will leave you hungry and short on calories for dinner. So why not have a footlong sub ham, turkey, or chicken  thats only has 590 and will fill you up a lot more.  This one small switch per day gets you to your total of 3500 calories a week and a lose of 1 Lb.

So if you take the time and make an effort to count the collieries you fill find you formula.

I asked you to keep all foods out of you way for 4 weeks and this is why.

Some people find they are following the calorie budget and still can’t lose weight .

If you charted your calories and your weight over the last 30 days it will tell you everything you need to know that will make you successful in the long run of staying healthy and slim.  Remember 3500 calories  = 1lb so if after 4 weeks you have only lost 2 lbs then you need to cut 7000 calories a mouth from you previous month. or walk off 7000 calories.

10 blocks a day walking = 100 calories or 3000 burned each month.

I know you are looking at this saying to yourself, if I want to lose 40 lbs It will take me a year to lose 40 lbs. at a lbs a weeks. Yes this is true if you cut out only 500 calories a day from you current “NO PLAN” lifestyle you will lose 40 lbs a year. BUT you don’t know how many calories you are eating per day.  So start tracking it.  If you have a smart phone, there are many apps that will help you keep tabs.  Just get to know your calories and as you see things start to change you will start to do more. It will start as a small walk, then a small  run and before long your first 5k Thats when the calories get fun because now you get to eat more and more of what you want.

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