Excuses, they are worse than a lie

Dr. Wayne Dyer Excuses BeGoneAt least that’s what esteemed author Dr. Wayne Dyer tells us in his amazing book Excuses BeGone.

I believe this was the third book I read when learning all about a new way of thinking.  I was pivotal in my journey since it tied some of my previous thought to what this new way of thinking is trying to teach me.  With that the cross over was quite simple.  The exact quote goes like this, “Excuses are worse and more harmful than a lie.”  For me it ties in with Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements.  Being IMPECCABLE with your word.

I’m not talking about a cult, brain-washing or anything Voodoo.  Basically it’s about seeing yourself as the creation God intended you to be without all the worldly influence.  It’s much simpler than we make most theories and dogmas out to be.

Dr. Wayne Dyer gets in depth about why we believe certain things and what those beliefs do to us.  He doesn’t just say “That’s not true” he gives his reasons for why he thinks the way he does and backs it up with proof.

The basic premiss of the book is that all that we believe to be going awry in our lives is all based on choices we’ve made somewhere along our journey.  Were do these choices come from, what’s the driving force behind them?  Are we following our passion or doing what others believe is best for us?  Do we make excuses as to why something won’t work out?

Those excuses is where we need to stop and take some responsibility.  Especially when it comes to our health and over all life.  It goes back to what I said about being selfish or selfless.  Make choices that benefit you and when you do you’ll benefit the great good by showing them how to live.

There are a few books that you should get into first.  Excuses BeGone is wonderful for someone open-minded and ready to take responsibility for what’s going on in their lives and make sound, joyful changes to improve their quality of life.  For those not quite sure or looking for something more meaningful in life one of the most well known books in print today is the classic Think and Grow Rich.  If you haven’t read it, DO!  You won’t be sorry. It lays the ground work for how the mind works and how to focus on your passion, desire and goals.  Another fantastic book is by a Neuroscientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight.  It’s mind-blowing to say the least but from a very scientific point of view.  Not meaning difficult language and terminology, but from someone that believed in nothing more than cells and atoms.  Her journey through her own stroke is miraculous to say the least and will completely change the way you look at the world and your own life.緊急防災セット 水害対策4500 6-4500
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