Fun tools for sensitive people to feel fantastic and connected to Source

Fun Tools For Sensitive People

As a very empathic and sensitive person, I know the gifts and challenges that go hand in hand in leading
a balanced lifestyle. It took me time, years, coupled with guidance and support to turn what felt like a
curse, into a thriving gift which can be used to serve. Here are some of the fun tools I use that work for me.

Write your intentions down-

I intend to receive Spirit’s love, guidance and protection. I intend to reside in love. I am
experiencing vibrant joy and gratitude. Whatever you feel inspired to create for yourself in that moment, hour and day…write it down! You may notice a shift instantly.

Dialogue with Spirit- God, Jesus, Buddha, spirit team-

Talk directly to Spirit in the present moment. Ask to receive “Christ energy please …thank you”
and/or “Buddhic energy please… thank you.” Do you notice a new vibration inside? Perhaps an
energy in your heart-center or at the top of your head?

Express gratitude to your Spirit team – you have a whole team dedicated to serving you with love and they love what they are doing and appreciate being with you. They love to chat. Close
your eyes and start with thanking them and see where that takes you.

Do the same with Source- my experience is one of infinite welcoming and embrace. God loves to talk, in her own way She loves to be with you and embrace you into the fold…merging in that blissful, sacred union of Divine oneness.

Dialogue with earth-

Close your eyes and speak to the trees, lake, ocean, meadow or earth. Express your heartfelt feelings and thoughts to her. I have found that each tree speaks back. Each plant has its own gratitude to share right back with me. They love it when I make friends. The Universal energy thrives and expands in intimacy. If you haven’t surmised yet, all these consciousnesses are inside of you- as an aspect of you. You are the Universe unto yourself and all information and knowledge in within. All potential and experience is inside and what you “see” out there is a reflection of yourself. The Universe knowing itself starts in you. I know this might all sound a bit “woo -woo” AND have fun with it.

I remember communing with a particular tree a while ago. She was a medium size, fairly younger tree in a small park in our community. She expressed such joy to me to be recognized and appreciated. She told me that most people walk by and pay her no attention at all, and that having a human being stop and love her…see her, was a joyful experience for her. Looking back on it now I can see that the experience was me projecting my unconscious desires onto the tree. There was a part of me that felt lonely and not “seen.” This part wanted to be with me. I wanted to feel seen and appreciated. So how do we discern between what is happening outside and what’s a projection? Everything starts within in my experience. The center of reality is a place in me. I am the creator. I am created in “God’s image, and therefore, I am experiencing what it is like to play God here on Earth. By owning and accepting my internal Universe, I expand and grow. The more I master loving and embracing all parts of creation inside me, the more I create a focused point of “heaven” that walks the planet. Of course, this is not a static event; I’m a practice, for my internal Universe is forever expanding it seems.

Shake it out-

Starting with your head and your hands – shake your body. Small, quick, yet careful, movements -back and forth…picture doing the twist but keeping the movement tighter. You’re doing “The Shake” instead. You can even add visualize the stale energy leaving your body. Shake your butt, hips, arms, feet, legs. Bounce up and down quickly on your feet for a bit. Shake out your whole body. Even 60 seconds of this energy cleansing and cultivation practice can make me feel amazingly fresh and light.

Stretching and breathing deeply-

No need to call it “Yoga.” Yoga is defined as the practice of joining or achieving union with the Divine. Hatha yoga uses breath and movement in service to that goal. Since you already are the Divine, all you need to do is whatever feels good, and stretching feels amazing! There’s a reason our cats look happy when they’re stretching.

Take time to stretch your body the way it wants to be stretched. Follow its lead…which is an overly intellectual way of saying- do what feels good. Gently remind yourself, if needed, to continue to keep your breathing deep- enjoying the expansion of all your muscles and connective tissues. Moan, groan and grunt your way to deeper awareness and peace. Let out the tension and stale energy vocally and through movement with breath. Use your office chair, your desk, kitchen counter, bathroom doorway, spouse, couch or T.V. stand as a prop.

This is “21st Who has time to get to the studio every day? And/or devote an hour? And who says we need an

hour? Five minutes here and there is great for feeling lighter, fresher and more connected. Stretching and breathing into the anatomy feels fantastic, no matter how you slice it.

Enjoy nature-

Spend some time in nature. Go sit on the grass, near some trees, on the beach, take a walk, look at the view, appreciate the mountains, desert, and foliage. Consciously extend gratitude, recognition and appreciation to what you see and feel. Share your feelings with the surroundings. Draw upon and extend your energy with nature. Enjoy the reciprocation of mutual energy exchange. I get nurtured and the life around me feels appreciated – it’s a win- in.

Eat some spinach –

Enjoy some fresh, natural, healing foods. They are wonderful at replenishing energy. For me, spinach is amazing at that!

Get in a body of water and play! –

Go play in a pool that is available to you, a lake, the ocean, your shower! The power of water to cleanse energies is amazing. If you’re in the pool give this a test. Pretend you have a bar of soap in your hand and spend 20 seconds washing your body with it. The point is just to use the water as more intently as a cleansing agent by rubbing your whole body with it. I do this in my ocean and pool swims for a minute, granted I do it non-conspicuously, and I feel that much more clean and happy!

I set an intention before I go play in the ocean to “experience a joyful, wonderful and grateful communion with the ocean” which really just is a tool to move into that inner experience inside. When I put the effort needed to feel this vibration then I feel a sense of oneness with it… all that’s left is appreciation and joy.

Forgive yourself and others-

Forgive it all….judgments, feelings, actions, from yourself and from others. Repeat it like a mantra: “I forgive myself for……” “I forgive ……for” You may find that forgiving others turns into
I forgive …..for the perception that they…..” After all, we are the ones that shape our Universe through our interpretations of what happens. There’s I AM and there’s what happens. The two are not synonymous. We decide what they “mean” for us or what they don’t.

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