Honey, If You Don’t Know What You Want, You Can’t Have It

Know What You Want

Sometimes it is the simple aKnow what you want by Deborah Stewartnd glaring statement which can really jar a person into their truth.  When it comes to manifesting success in your life, the truth of the matter is, you cannot have “it” unless you can define “it” – in very, precise specific terms no less.  Without this clarity, your direction will be aimless, your activities will be hapless, and your progress will be… well… accidental.

Girl, that’s a sloow, painful path to the top.  But you already know that.

Here’s what you don’t know:  everything is created twice. Yes everything. First it is created in your imagination, as vision. Then it is refined, honed, buffed and polished to its bright, articulate hue.  Everything from the simple to the masterful is first created in the ethers before it is ever manifested in the physical world. You cannot manifest purposefully without this process.

Why and how does this work?

When you know what it is that you want, you activate what is called the reticular activating system (RAS) in your brain. Your RAS sifts through the thousands of points of data and information which bombard you daily, and bring to your brain’s attention the bits which matter.

(BTW, it’s the RAS in play when we purchase a pink Cadillac and all of a sudden notice pink Cadillacs everywhere ; )

Why is this important?

Because the creative abundant universe is always working for you.  Always conspiring on your behalf, it will bring to you the people and the resources necessary for you to flourish – disguised as opportunities.  However, you will never recognize them as such if you are a befuddled mess.  Opportunity after opportunity will pass you by, unacknowledged. Not because you don’t want success; because you have not defined it. And you in your glorious pink, fuzzy slippers in your comfy, velvet rut will be wondering why life keeps passing you by. Okay, maybe it feels less like a comfy, velvet rut and more like a mouse on a hamster wheel.  Regardless, you get the point.

Now, here’s the question that just surfaced for you:

“But Deb, what if I don’t know what I want??”

Here’s my answer:  Your heart and your intuition always knows the dream that has been written on the wall of your heart.  It’s there. It’s always been there. It’s part of you. And it’s not going away. Ever. Never. Never. Never. Never. Ever!

That’s because dreams never die.  They may be shushed. They may be contained. They may be unspoken. They may even be unrealized.  But they never die.

So your problem isn’t not knowing what you want.  Your problem is that you are afraid to claim it. You are afraid to speak it aloud. Either because of insecurity, worry of what others may think, feeling trapped by your current circumstances, or you simply don’t want the work of it. You are comfortable enough with where you are now. Let’s face it, dreams take work.

Another possibility is that you have not gotten still enough to allow your heart’s desire to surface above the noise and distraction in your life.

That’s why in my work as a Clarity Coach, one of my first exercises is to get women to claim their dream and their intention verbally.  By doing so it’s sends a clear “Yes, I Want This!”  intention to the creative universe, who will immediately get to work on her behalf.  Yes, it is immediate.

Now it’s fine that you may have only a general sense of what you want, and may need help refining it and articulating it in certain terms.  That’s okay.  And that’s enough.  We can work with that.  Start moving in the direction of that, and the rest will bubble up as you grow.

Trust it. xx

Deborah Stewart



Two things to get from this:

  1. Get still and quiet enough to allow the honesty of what you really want to enter your awareness. Know that you can have it.
  2. Define it in certain times. Be precise in your description of it so that you can recognize the opportunities which will support it.



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