Intuition… not superstition

How do you make your decisions?  How do you decide if it’s ok to buy something, if you should have fish for dinner or who’s house to go to for the holidays… Better yet how do you decide to take a job, date someone or even buy your first home?

We often look to history.  We delve into our files of information stored in our brain and look for something to connect the dots.  Your friend had a bad experience with an annuity so I should not buy them.  Makes sense!

I saw this bad wreck where a Ford truck was crushed and the Chevy barely had a mark on it, I’ll buy a Chevy.  Logical!?

Here’s mine.  Well he likes me.  He didn’t try anything funny on the first date and actually was quite a gentleman.  I wanted to pull my hair out for three hours while he talked about how depressing December is for him but no one else is calling or asking me out.  I spent two and half years with someone that I didn’t even like after the first date because I thought about everything except what my intuition was telling me.  I proceeded to stay with him after finding conversations he was having with ex girlfriends about getting back together with them.

On the good side I’m married now to an amazing man that I have never had a second thought about.  I can look back now at every relationship and remember the gut feelings, recall all the things I was trying to tell myself to get out of the relationship and more times than not the only reason I stayed was out of fear.  Fear of being alone, fear of not surviving financially on my own, etc.

I hope the sarcasm was clear in the first two examples, lol.  Sometimes it goes right over people’s heads.  This topic is important to me because on many occasions I’ve been sitting at a table with a client and I hear things like “I hate annuities”.  Why? It’s usually not from their own experiences but someone they know or even better some one in the stock market or a local bank told them they were bad.  So instead of researching or keeping an open mind they just go with it.  I love the one where they ask me if I’ve ever seen American Greed.  Are you kidding me right now?  I’m a small town girl from the midwest and I drive my grandmothers Impala that was given to me when I graduated college.  I am licensed with the state, employed by someone that’s been here for 63 years selling insurance and you have my social security number on the form.  REALLY!!!???!?!?!

You intuition is there for a reason.  You know how you can feel tension in a room when you walk in?  If you’re willing to listen to yourself and not the random experiences of those around you, you’ll make much better decisions for you life and the life of your loved ones.  I’m not knocking advice I’m saying take into account that what happened to them can’t possibly happen to you and I have three very good reasons why:

  1. You’re not them.  You don’t live in their skin, you don’t occupy their space and you probably don’t even live on the same street.
  2. The circumstances are different in at least one way making it impossible to repeat.  Think about that one.
  3. Things change at such an amazing rate.  Look at what’s happened to television in the past 40 years.  What happened to a friend may have sparked change in the way the company does business.  Let’s go back to my ex.  I could tell every girl in the world to steer clear, he’s a bad egg.  BUT… he may have realized some things from that relationship and made some personal changes.  I know he’s happier in december then he was when I met him.

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