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Its Not Your Fault

Trouble loosing weight?It’s Not Your Fault

“It’s not your fault.” Nice words to hear, certainly, but in this case, they also happen to be true.  It’s not your fault the super power yoga or crazy boot camp didn’t work for you as well as it did for the people in the ads. It’s not your fault the low-carb diet or raw food meal planner didn’t have the same effect on your body as on your friend’s body. It’s also not your fault that so-called belly-reducing supplement didn’t do anything of the sort for you. But if you aren’t to blame, who or what is? Genetics.

Can It Be Genetics?

Genetics can be the problem as well as the final solution. Allow me to explain.  Our genetics (made up of our DNA) work as the instruction manual for your body. Just as you follow the intricate instructions that guide you to turn a box of wood and dowels into your beautiful new coffee table, your genetics can help you turn your fit- resistant body into the healthy and fit creation it was designed to be. You just need the instructions.

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Another wonderful analogy is looking at your DNA or genotype as your map. Everyone knows we need to move our bodies and eat healthy food. However, figuring out exactly what that means is like driving around in a neighborhood trying to find a house without an actual address. You could drive around for days hoping to find it and become increasingly frustrated in the process. Genetic analysis provides the address and a never-changing map of the exact house you seek.

Sound too good to be true?

Wondering how this works and why everyone isn’t doing it? Let’s find out!

It’s not too good to be true! It’s just science making substantial advancements in understanding how our bodies are programmed. Just as our DNA determines what color eyes we will have, our DNA also governs what kind of movement or exercise creates the best environment for optimal weight management, as well as what kinds of foods and which supplements work best for us and which ones we don’t need.

So how does it actually work? It all comes down to receptors and stimuli. What if I took a flashlight and shined it into your ear? The flashlight works and the ear works, but they don’t work together. What do most people do when something they are doing to improve their health isn’t working? Yes, they do more of it. They run more and/or eat less. Basically, they get a bigger flashlight, but no matter how big or how long you shine that flashlight into that ear, it will never work because it is the wrong stimulus for that receptor.  The same is true for our bodies with how we exercise and what we eat.  If we eat the wrong foods and aren’t exercising in a way that is optimal for our bodies, we can experience cravings, fatigue and even injury.

So what stimulus will work for your receptors? I don’t know and I can’t tell by looking at you.  There are only two ways to know. The first is to experiment. I believe the definition of crazy is doing the same things but expecting different results! If something isn’t working, don’t do more of it, try something else. The second, and in my opinion easier, answer is full sequence genetic analysis, which in the simplest terms  provides you with your own personalized instruction manual. Full sequence genetic analysis is the only way to guarantee accuracy and the greatest thing about it is you get results that last a lifetime.

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