Christmas Cobbler Cakes 2013

My #Christmas recipe

Not sure how many of you were blessed enough to experience peach cobbler as a child growing up.  It happened to be one of my favorite things.

I remember the buttery smell of sugar filling the air, I remember the crispy thin edges that snapped in your mouth and the doughy, fluffy peaches that melted on your tongue.  It was sweet nirvana to me.

it’s a taste, memory and inner bliss I’ll never forget.

Well my husband seemed to have similar memories of cobbler growing up as a child and we decided to make a cobbler one night with apples.  I had a taste for apple pie and he wanted the cobbler.  Who was I to argue 🙂  I started hunting recipes in our mother’s handed down cook books and found one in Bell’s Best.  Who remembers that through-back.

My first attempt was pretty awesome and brought back amazing memories.  Any one that knows me though knows I love to play with recipes.  So next time I jazzed it up.  I won’t go into that recipe but what I’ve done here can be done as a whole cobbler or cupcakes.

Christmas Cobbler Cakes

 Christmas Cobbler Cakes 2013Recipe:
2 large apples. (Red Delicious will do)
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
(mix these ingredients and set to the side mixing occasionally)
2 cups of all purpose flour
1 tablespoon backing powder
1 teaspoon salt ( I use sea salt in a grinder)
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of vanilla
(mix these ingredients and set to the side)
1 stick of butter (set aside and melt slowly on the stove top)



Apples with brown sugar and cinnamon

Chop the apples into small bits and place in a large bowl.  pour brown sugar and cinnamon on top and mix with a large spoon.  Set thisaside and mix it occasionally.  It will get gooey.  You should have some carmel style sauce on the bottom of the bowl, keep mixing it.


flour batter for the cobblerMix the dry ingredients in a bowl then add the milk and vanilla.  This should pancake batter thin.  I prefer it thin so that it cooks across the top of everything.  If you like it thicker add a little more flour.



use real butter when making cobbler



If you’re doing cup cakes use aluminum cupcake liners, the paper ones won’t hold up.

Take the melted butter and put a teaspoon into the bottom of each cupcake pan.


If you’re doing a full size cobbler just melt the butter in the bottom of your glass dish.  I’d use a 9″ x 13″ glass dish as it worked out extremely well when I made the full one and my edges were gooey crispy 🙂


red delicious apples in the muffin panAt this point with the cupcakes put one spoon full of apples with the juice in the bottom of each (or fill the bottom of your glass dish with the apples and juice).

Don’t fill to the half way point, stay slightly under that.  The dough will rise so you don’t want to fill each one up too high or it’ll run over.  But of course if you like it that way knock yourself out 🙂

Make sure you eye the juice so you get as close to an equal amount in each one as you can.

batter over the apples

Now you’ll wanna start pouring the batter over the apples.

Remember not to pour too much in there as it rises quite well.  I’d just make sure you cover the apples.

At this point you’ll put them into a pre-heated oven at 350˙ for 20 minutes.  I’ve done three batches and 20 minutes is perfect each time.

Take them out and let them cool.  The bottom will be gooey so when letting kids eat them remember to put them on a plate.

Christmas cobbler cakes

I really hope you enjoy them.  Feel free to share with friends and if you have a variation that you love, let me know 🙂  Follow me on twitter and Facebook for fun treats like this all the time @laurieagriffith or @getyourlifeonLIXIL/リクシル 【sunwave/サンウエーブ】GPB-S105AT GPシリーズ 大型一槽流し台 105cm (ベビーブルー) 左水槽
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