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Shame Vs. Guilt

I’ve often heard that the two most powerful words are “I AM” When working on improving and changing your life, using the words I AM before the affirmation has a very positive effect.  Recently I’ve been listening to Dr. Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and realized the other side of those very powerful words. It was … Continue reading “Shame Vs. Guilt”

The definition of strength

Strength: The ability to see how something devastating in your life can uplift, benefit or save the life of another and say thank you. What doesn’t kill us, just plain doesn’t kill us. It’s the way we perceive the events and how we react and grow from it that makes us stronger. If you are … Continue reading “The definition of strength”

Satisfied customers are the worst

That’s right… Cause they’re only satisfied till they find something better. Ever had a customer/client that came to you for years then all the sudden stopped and you had no clue why?  Next thing you know they are at your competitors.  Now you’re left wondering what offended them?  What did you do wrong?  Well guess … Continue reading “Satisfied customers are the worst”

Christmas Cobbler Cakes 2013

My #Christmas recipe

Not sure how many of you were blessed enough to experience peach cobbler as a child growing up.  It happened to be one of my favorite things. I remember the buttery smell of sugar filling the air, I remember the crispy thin edges that snapped in your mouth and the doughy, fluffy peaches that melted … Continue reading “My #Christmas recipe”

Intuition… not superstition

How do you make your decisions?  How do you decide if it’s ok to buy something, if you should have fish for dinner or who’s house to go to for the holidays… Better yet how do you decide to take a job, date someone or even buy your first home? We often look to history. … Continue reading “Intuition… not superstition”

Excuses, they are worse than a lie

At least that’s what esteemed author Dr. Wayne Dyer tells us in his amazing book Excuses BeGone. I believe this was the third book I read when learning all about a new way of thinking.  I was pivotal in my journey since it tied some of my previous thought to what this new way of … Continue reading “Excuses, they are worse than a lie”

Selfish or Selfless

Thinking of yourself is considered selfish. It’s an old meme and one that should be tossed out the window.  How many times have you flown and heard the rule, “Put the oxygen mask over your face before placing it on a child or elderly passenger”  It’s imperative that you take care of yourself first before … Continue reading “Selfish or Selfless”

To Yoga or not to Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for the limber and young. Yoga is a peaceful, meditative and easy way to increase flexibility and mindfulness as well as increase blood flow, manage hormonal levels and strengthen the mind and body. Many people believe to begin yoga you must be physically fit to begin with.  This is very untrue.  There … Continue reading “To Yoga or not to Yoga”