Satisfied customers are the worst

That’s right… Cause they’re only satisfied till they find something better.

Ever had a customer/client that came to you for years then all the sudden stopped and you had no clue why?  Next thing you know they are at your competitors.  Now you’re left wondering what offended them?  What did you do wrong?  Well guess what… it’s what you didn’t do.

A satisfied customer is only happy enough to come to you when there isn’t a better alternative says Ken Blanchard, author of Raving Fans.  One of the greatest customer service books ever written.  What have you done lately to make your customers stand up and take notice, tell a friend or two or even thank you for what you do?

Is it important to you to increase sales or increase traffic?

This isn’t your typical how-to or self-help book.  It doesn’t go into boring detail about how treating your customers like your guests or even family brings them back.  I for one would love to not visit some of my family, lol.

Raving Fans takes you through the process of treating your employees like you want your customers treated, sticking to your vision and values and not trying to please everyone AND creating fans that tell everyone that can about you.  Wouldn’t that be nice to not have to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising because your customers are so happy they tell people?

If I had one wish it would be that everyone over the age of 18 would read this book before entering college or the workforce.  Raving Fans shows real-world examples of businesses that have taken Ken’s approach to customer service and created companies that more than doubled their traffic just by turning customers from satisfied to raving.

Raving Fan’s will never go out of style, is easier to read than most sales and customer service books and is one you’ll fall in love with.  Give it as a gift to someone opening their first business.  They will thank you!




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