Selfish or Selfless

Thinking of yourself is considered selfish.

It’s an old meme and one that should be tossed out the window.  How many times have you flown and heard the rule, “Put the oxygen mask over your face before placing it on a child or elderly passenger”  It’s imperative that you take care of yourself first before you can do anything for anyone else.

That may seem silly, rude or down right ridiculous to some, especially older generations but it’s the truth as I see it.  Remember, beliefs are hereditary that doesn’t make them true.  I will explain why I think it’s important to follow that train of thought.

First of all, the obvious… you can’t take care of others if you’re not in mental or physical shape to do so and to deny someone isn’t being selfish it’s just the right thing to do at the time.  Serving others is a blessing but when it takes away from your ability to survive it doesn’t make good sense.

Second, your choice to help someone else should be based on your own virtues, beliefs and values not theirs.  Not helping someone doesn’t make you anything.  Detach yourself from other’s views and live as you see fit and as fits in your world view, not theirs.

Third, many times when you make the choice to help yourself you are in turn helping others, possibly many others.  Our choices are what others view.  Their perceptions are all different and may come to numerous other conclusions but how we walk and talk in this world is our legacy to those in our lives.  The greatest way to teach someone anything is to show them.  Live a life of joy and peace and you’ll teach those watching a valuable lesson.

A selfless person makes conscious choices that support the greater good of all by choosing to love themselves and care for themselves.  As long as your choices are from the heart, for pure joy (not to make others jealous, vengeful or miserable) they are never wrong.  Regardless of your world view, and I am a firm believer in God, make choices that best fulfill your purpose and you’ll never have regrets.


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