Appreciation quote from Abraham Hicks

Can Appreciation Change Your Life

Can Appreciation Change Your Life It’s in the appreciation of all the things around us that we find peace, joy and wonderment. One of my worst habits is wanting to make others happy and assuming their way of thinking, doing and perceiving is making them unhappy. I tend to look at a situation and wonder … Continue reading “Can Appreciation Change Your Life”

5 signs of unstoppable self confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self Confidence

5 Signs of Unstoppable Self-Confidence   We all recognize her, and admire her: the confident woman. We see her carry herself through life with poise and assurance, still feminine yet with a strength which is undeniable. The confident woman has presence, which is often hard to define but you’ll know it when you see it. You’ll notice … Continue reading “5 Signs of Unstoppable Self Confidence”

Think You Understand The Importance of Appreciation?

The Importance of Appreciation We all love the grateful woman, especially if she is talented and successful. The grateful woman is deeply appreciated, and people will go out of their way to assist her progress because there is something bright and happy about her.  We like the way she makes us feel. We admire the way she handles life. … Continue reading “Think You Understand The Importance of Appreciation?”