Think You Understand The Importance of Appreciation?

The Importance of Appreciation

We all love the gratAppreciationeful woman, especially if she is talented and successful. The grateful woman is deeply appreciated, and people will go out of their way to assist her progress because there is something bright and happy about her.  We like the way she makes us feel. We admire the way she handles life. This woman, we will follow to the ends of the earth.

Conversely, we quickly take a dislike to the wench (yes wench) who shows no gratitude for the opportunities, advantages and support that others have provided. We will secretly root for her demise and take pleasure in her decline. Oh, we won’t be obvious about it, we’ll say things like: “I just don’t like her. And I don’t want to know her.” Then we will dismiss her. And withdraw our love and support.

There is a fundamental principle at work here: We can achieve endless progress and success in our lives as long as we are increasingly grateful.


[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”pearl” cite=”Deborah Stewart” citeLink=”″]Lack of gratitude is one of the biggest obstacles to personal progress for women.[/pullquote4]

Women who feel sorry for themselves, women who think they are self-made, women who think others “owe” them, are all living with a lack of gratitude. A woman without gratitude is envious, resentful, arrogant, cynical, complacent, hopeless, alienated, and depressed. Once we figure out that we cannot fix them, we run from them.  For good reason – to not get sucked in their dark vortex. These women are work!

The grateful woman will always be successful and happy.

To understand gratitude, we need to understand this: All meaning and value in life comes from our willingness to proactively appreciate.

Without the ability to be grateful, success means very little.  Until we appreciate a particular thing, event, situation, or relationship, there is no value in it.  All value in the world is created by individuals appreciating something.   The things we value and appreciate the most have the greatest meaning.  In other words: No gratitude – No meaning.

  • There will never be value in “stuff” until we learn to appreciate it.
  • There will never be value in our body, until we learn to appreciate the miracle of it.
  • There will never be value in our relationships, until we learn to appreciate individuals.
  • There will never be value in ourselves, until we learn to appreciate our unique brilliance.

And until we cultivate the habit of proactive gratitude, life and the accumulation of stuff, accolades and progress will simply feel pointless and empty.

Have I struck a chord yet?

We all know how to be grateful in response to another person’s thoughtfulness or generosity.  Even the worst of us know how to say “Thank You.” And yes that’s important.  However, I believe the greater power is to practice proactive gratitude – which is the habit of recognizing value in ordinary things.  Proactive gratitude grows value, it grows meaning, it builds relationships, it grows happiness.  And isn’t happiness the point? ; )

Look for a reason to be grateful today. Then express appreciation for it.

To your happiness. xx



Two things to get out of this:

  1. Start the habit of proactively expressing gratitude to people. Send cards, flowers, compliments, call someone, reach out- with no agenda. Just tell that person how much you value them.
  2. Start recognizing the magnificent in seemingly ordinary things. Get your senses working. Look for the blessings and you will find them.



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