To Yoga or not to Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for the limber and young.

Yoga is a peaceful, meditative and easy way to increase flexibility and mindfulness as well as increase blood flow, manage hormonal levels and strengthen the mind and body.

Many people believe to begin yoga you must be physically fit to begin with.  This is very untrue.  There are numerous beginner yoga programs locally, on DVD and available on smart phone apps.  A personal favorite is APY60 created by Dallas Cowboy trainer Kurt Johnsen.  Kurt created a very easy to use and understand yoga program for any level yoga practitioner that includes a healthy kitchen segment and meditation to help create a sound mind and body.
APY60 American Power Yoga trainer for the Dallas Cowboy CheerleadersAPY60 may seem overwhelming at first glance but with the variety of pose levels anyone can begin even without any prior knowledge of yoga.  You begin with a warm up that loosens the muscles and gets you breathing correctly.  This is one of the major bonuses to APY60 as apposed to other yoga programs.  Breathing, as it may seem such a simple automatic action, if done incorrectly affects many aspects of the body and your life.  Incorrect breathing during yoga can be harmful.  Kurt explains this and alerts you to checking your breath throughout the video.

Breathing is such an important part of yoga and meditation. Here are some examples of correct breathing so that you may check to see if you’re doing it correctly:  YouTube video on breathing

If you’re not up to trying out a large program such as APY60 check out some other options.  Google or YouTube yoga and look for beginners as well as if you’re a Wii, xBox or Playstation user… see if they have a program or DVD that you can use first to get the hang of it.

Yoga is great for all aspects of your life.  Don’t knock it before you try it.  I truly believe if you give it half a chance it will improve your overall quality of life exponentially.

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