Trina Rabideau

Trina RabideauTrina Rabideau

Life Coach, Story Teller, Thought Stimulator, Writer and Passionate Liver of Life

Website:  Trina Rabideau

Trina is a mind, body and soul coach. She sees herself as a stimulator of thought. She works with people desiring to live a happy, inspired life more fully. Trina believes that inner alignment, joy and love are the magical keys to living a satisfying life. Her training as both a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach combined with her lived experience provide her a unique perspective on life.  Trina loves using processes herself and with her clients, especially ones that bring physicality to the invisible work of healing and raising vibration.  She is inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction and loves creating ways to make them usable and real for people.  Her favourite is using what she calls the Vibing Up Process, where she takes you on a journey from how you feel to how you want to feel, using words and thoughts that bring both relief and clarity.  She developed her Vibing Up Kit to make this process easily usable and accessible to anyone.  It incorporates temporary tattooable feeling words to set your feeling/vibration intention and to use as a reminder throughout the day.  Check out her video below about why she created this kit.

Trina works with others to stimulate them to think in uplifting ways, to release limiting beliefs and to find the best in everything, everyone and every experience.  It was her own tragic experience of loss that pushed her to embrace all that this one wild and precious life has to offer. She dreams big, reaches high, and is authentic and passionate about showing others how to do the same.   She shares, her life experiences from spirituality and motherhood, marriage and relationships, law of attraction and how to choose happy.  She speaks and shares from her heart and isn’t afraid to show all of herself as she chooses happy no matter where life takes her.  She is passionate about sharing her discoveries in an authentic, vulnerable, raw and real way, calling others to fully sink into themselves and be happy on purpose!

Trina offer 1:1 coaching sessions to delve into healing, dreaming, vibing up, being on purpose and choosing happy.   Get more info here

She also offers her Vibing Up Group Mastermind experience to delve deeper into yourself with the loving, support of other like-minded people.  Together we will call forth the creative power of the Universe in breaking free of what’s holding us back and moving with ease into the fullest expanded version of you and the happy life you desire.   Get more info here

You deserve everything that you desire and as a guest of GYLO you have the amazing opportunity to experience a  30 minute free thought provoking Vibe Session that will change your life!  Now is the right time for you to get happy with intention and ease!     Book now!

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Vibing Up Kit Video, info and to purchase here




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