Wealth is about creating a diverse portfolio of passive 

and active income.  

Most people aren’t aware of the variety of options out there to create wealth for now and later in life as well as opportunities to pass that wealth along.

Here at Get Your Life On we have two very important sayings:


“To know and not to do is really not to know”  Stephen Covey

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“Be open to everything and attached to nothing” Dr. Wayne Dyer

We are quick to attach ourselves to what a certain person tells us, we feel obligated to stay with someone because they helped us in the past.  Personally you don’t owe anyone anything.  If you do everything in your life because of your fear of how it will affect someone else, you’re not living your life.  I have a personal quote that I wrote years ago that I live by… “Beliefs are hereditary that doesn’t make them true”.  Because it works for someone doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.  Detach yourself from old beliefs and open yourself up to a world of information and make decisions that work for you and your future plans.

Here you’ll find vast information about ways to generate passive income, to grow your existing savings, protect what you’ve earned and transfer it…even tax free.  Check out the links to the right and as always if you have any questions #justasklaurie




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